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On the 17th of November 2017 we come together to celebrate 20 years of entrepreneurship at Chalmers.

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Dress-code: Formal (in Swedish: Mörk kostym)


Venture Pitch

Current second year students at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship
pitch their budding startups and compete for a prize apart from eternal
honour and glory.

Runan, Chalmers kår och konferens 90min

Coffee break

Coffee served with a sandwich.

Chalmers kår och konferens 30min

Jubilee Seminar

What is so special about entrepreneurship? Why is entrepreneurship at Chalmers more about people than companies? Is there a Nordic entrepreneurship?

Welcome to the Jubilee Seminar with short talks, dialogues and surprises!

Participants include the social entrepreneur Sofia Appelgren (Mitt Liv) discussing the impact of empowerment; the researcher and serial entrepreneur Martin Lackéus (Chalmers) on how to entrepreneurially learn through creating value for others; Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm (Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum) insisting that the entrepreneurs are the transition agents of our time; and Professor Lena Treschow Torell, chairman of Chalmers who is passionate about the new Chalmers-wide initiative ‘Entrepreneurship. By Chalmers’. We will also see many entrepreneurial graduates from the school on stage.

Moderator: Eva Krutmeijer

Runan, kår och konferens 120min

Jubilee dinner (invitation only)

Kårrestaurang, Chalmers kår och konferens 300min

Featured speakers

Sofia Appelgren
Founder of Mitt Liv AB

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Pontus Braunerhjelm
Professor at KTH, Stockholm

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Lena Treschow Torell
Chairperson Chalmers University of Technology

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